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Laser Genesis is recognized as the most versatile, non-invasive laser technology available today for the safe, efficient treatment of wrinkles, large pores, redness and uneven skin textures.



Laser Genesis is scientifically proven to reduce the look of wrinkles, fine lines and other imperfections. Collagen is the body's natural ingredient for healthy skin. As collagen production slows down with age, Laser Genesis stimulates the collagen production process. 

Not only is the Laser Genesis treatment pain free, many clients find it relaxing! No anaesthesia is needed and there is no recovery time.

This safe, powerful yet non-invasive laser technology can alleviate the visible signs of aging and sun damage, such as:

  • Fine-line wrinkles
  • Diffuse and excessive redness
  • Large pores
  • Uneven skin texture
  • Scars


The Laser Genesis 1064 nm wavelength works by gently heating the upper dermis well below your skin's surface, stimulating collagen regrowth to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, large pores, sun damage and scars. Additional heat is generated in dilated capillaries to reduce visible redness as well.

Laser Genesis is the perfect way to restore your youthful balance – without having to worry about recovery time.

Laser Genesis therapy can even be combined with other treatments like Microdermabrasion and Photo Rejuvenation to maximize your results!


A typical course of Laser Genesis consists of between three to six sessions in our NewDermaMed clinic.

While the results of individual Laser Genesis sessions are subtle yet visible, they combine over the course of your treatments to give you a noticeably refreshed, younger appearance.


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Photos taken before Laser Genesis treatment and two weeks after treatment



Photos taken before Laser Genesis treatment and two weeks after treatment

Laser Genesis Treatment

What is Laser Genesis?
The Laser Genesis is a revolutionary Non-Invasive Laser procedure developed by Cutera, a US based Laser and Light-Based technology company. Laser Genesis is a uniquely engineered wavelength designed for the purpose of overall skin health and improvement.
What are the benefits of Laser Genesis?
Laser Genesis can be effectively applied for:
  • the reduction of fine lines,
  • minimization of pore size,
  • smoothing of skin texture,
  • reduce the effects of sun damage,
  • diffuse redness and promote uniform and even skin complexion as well as
  • reduce and improve the appearance of scars.
Who is a candidate for Laser Genesis?
Laser Genesis is a safe, effective and comfortable non-invasive treatment for any and all skin types. Anyone wishing to restore a youthful glow and improve overall skin tone and texture. Those wishing to improve any specific skin condition affecting the face neck or body.
How does Laser Genesis work?
The process of Laser Genesis works byslowly heating the dermis level below the superficial layers of the skin. This process aids in the stimulation of new collagen growth. Additionally, the thermal action of heating of the dermis level is further generated to the surface levels diffusing existing facial redness.
How many Treatments will I need?
Laser Genesis is a subtle and gradual improvement of the skin. We most often recommend a series of three to six treatments for best results. As each individual’s skin condition may vary a detailed and personal evaluation can be given during a one on one consultation.
How does Laser Genesis Feel?
Laser Genesis is a gentle, non-invasive laser procedure. It may be considered one of the most comfortable laser treatments on the market today. Most who experience Laser Genesis find it to be a highly relaxing procedure. The Laser Genesis handpiece is held and controlled from slightly above the skin. Its unique wavelength is slowly and strategically applied across the selected treatment area, creating a warming thermal action throughout the skin.
How Can I prepare for my Laser Genesis Procedure?
Prior to your Laser Genesis procedure you may be asked to shave any hair twelve hours or so ahead of your scheduled procedure. Any moisturizer or makeup will be removed prior to commencing. Any specific additional pre-treatment requirements may be reviewed and discussed ahead of your appointment with one of our Newdermamed Professionals. As Laser Genesis is a very comfortable procedure, no oral or topical medications are required.
What can I expect after my treatment?
Most regular activities can be resumed immediately following your Laser Genesis procedure. We advise the application of broad-spectrum sunscreen upon the treated area. We recommend the avoidance of applied heat including saunas, steam rooms and or hot tubs over the course of 24 – 48 hours. We recommend the avoidance potentially irritating skin products including Tretinoin, Retinol, Benzoyl Peroxide and or Glycolic Acid family of products directly after your Laser Genesis procedure.
Are there any side effects?
Those who have experiencedany side effects, have most commonly reported a slight redness at the area of treatment, which is known to subside within a few hours of the Laser Genesis procedure.

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