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Refine your chin profile with BELKYRA. 

Belkyra also known as Kybella in the US, is the only FDA-approved injectable treatment for adults that are concerned with fullness below the chin (submental fat). This innovative treatment is good for both men and women who wish to revamp the appearance of their chin profile.

What causes the fullness under the chin?

This facial aesthetic concern that impacts a wide range of adults, also known as “double chin”, is a common concern, yet undertreated.

Submental fullness can be caused by:

·      Aging – As adults age it can naturally appear.

·      Genetics – It can be part of your DNA, something that you cannot control.

·      Weight Changes – It can appear as weight is gained. No matter how much you exercise or diet, the condition does not always go away.

Sometimes, the submental fullness can make you feel and look older and heavier than you actually appear to be.

Find out how Belkyra works?

The active ingredient in the Belkyra is synthetic deoxycholic acid. This ingredient helps the breakdown and absorption of fat cells. Deoxycholic acid is a natural occurring molecule that is found in the body.

Over a few number of treatments customized by our Medical Professionals, gradually improvement will appear with your chin profile. Belkyra is designed to target and destroy fats cells when injected into the area under the chin. 

Facts and benefits of Belkyra

·      The injectable treatment can be completed very quickly. Within 15 to 20 minutes you will be in and out of the clinic.

·      It is designed to help you reach your goals specifically towards your chin profile.

·      There is no surgery required.

·      The appearance of your chin profile will continuously improve with each treatment. Most clients see outstanding improvements just within 2-4 treatments.

·      Once your goal is accomplished, re-treatment is known not to be expected.

Results with Belkyra

Is it time for you to rise your chin up in the air?

·      The satisfactory rate of clients that were treated with Belkyra and with overall results is almost 80%.

·      Most people reported that after Belkyra treatment, they felt improvement in their self-perception; making them feel younger and happier with their appearance.

Is Belkyra the right treatment for me?

Belkyra is the best fit for you if:

·      The appearance of your “double chin” is a bother to you

·      You refuse to get surgery

·      You’ve tried to dieting and exercising, but it doesn’t seem to go away

How is it administered?

There will be a series of Belkyra injections that will be administered into the area under the chin with each treatment. Usually each treatment session is typically 15-20 minutes.

Your Belkyra treatment will be customized for you based on your ultimate goal. With one of our Medical Professionals, you will decide on the best treatment plan that is right for you.

What is the downtime for this treatment?

Downtime is minimal and appears most commonly after your first treatment. It is advised when scheduling treatments, to be mindful of your work commitments and social plans.

What are the possible side effect of Belkyra?

With Belkyra treatments you may experience possible side effect, as you would with other injectable treatments. Side effects such as swelling, bruising, pain and numbness are the most common. Side effects vary from person to person, generally mild to moderate.

What are the expectations on the day of treatment?

Prior to administering Belkyra injections, cold ice packs or tropical local anesthesia (e.g., lidocaine) may be applied to make your treatment more at ease. Taking an over-the-counter pain reliever may be suggested as well before your scheduled appointment.

The treatment will then take approximately 15-20 minutes. After your treatment session, you may be advised to apply a cold ice pack to the treated area for 10 minutes on, 10 minutes off, as necessary.

Most clients have mentioned that moderate pain was experienced immediately after. However, had diminished within 15 minutes.


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