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VISIA Complexion Analysis


VISIA Complexion Analysis for facial rejuvenation and skin care

The in-depth digital skin analysis of your unique facial characteristics allows for a more customized skin care program. 

Through VISIA’s in-depth analysis of your individual facial characteristics, it is possible to benefit from rejuvenation and skin care programs customized for your specific skin care needs.


Identify your skin's condition - both surface & subsurface

The VISIA™ system’s multi-spectral imaging analysis provides a clear, multi-dimensional portrait of individual aspects of your complexion that contribute to enhancing your overall appearance.

VISIA™ provides the most comprehensive means available for measuring and identifying  all aspects of your skin's health. This revolutionary technology enables the targeting of problematic features, such as uneven textures, wrinkles, sun damage, and other imperfections.

Plan an individualized program based on your specific results 

VISIA’s precise imaging enables your medical skin care professional to provide optimal rejuvenation options for your unique combination of facial characteristics.

Renew & maintain facial vitality for lasting complexion health 

Using your complexion profile, your facial rejuvenation program will include specific recommendations for long-term skin care health. VISIA™ imaging is an invaluable aid in monitoring your complexion’s vitality and checking the effectiveness of your skin care regimen. You will be able to see and trace your progress.

VISIA provides a breakthrough for complexion renewal & maintenance

Your complexion is the window through which your image is projected to the world. VISIA™ Complexion Analysis provides the information necessary for truly individualized facial rejuvenation and skin care regimens matched to your unique complexion profile.

Multi-spectral imaging and analysis for optimal results 

VISIA™ imaging captures key visual information for the eight areas affecting complexion health and appearance: spots, wrinkles, color variation in the skin tone, pores, sun damage, subsurface pigmentation, vascular conditions, and porphyrins (evidence of bacteria in pores). VISIA™ also provides informative comparisons of your complexion’s characteristics to others of the same age group and skin types.

Initially developed for skin care research, VISIAis now used worldwide in the health and skin care markets. VISIA™ is a product of Canfield Imaging Systems, the global leader in photo imaging systems for medical research and health care.

Your VISIA analysis is the first step to achieving optimal skin renewal and the truly individualized care needed to maintain your complexion’s most radiant health. Contact NewDermaMed today for your FREE consultation using the VISIA™ Skin Care Complexion Analysis.

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